The Studio is Moving!

Over the summer I found myself day dreaming about moving the studio production back to my house. Realizing the day dream was actually a desire surprised me. Why did I want to give up such a great space? How would I continue offering classes? Where would I dry prints, towels, tote bags, etc? How could that move possibly work?

I began to address each question and found a solution to every one.  And as I thought through them, I became excited about the move. The negatives disappeared and my list of worrisome questions turned into a list of positive reasons to move.

Ultimately, by moving production home I’m going to better serve you with more colorful, fun, block printed goodness and classes. Production will be easier since everything will be in one place. I can offer classes by partnering with other local businesses to use their space. Without the burden of rent, I can explore more product ideas and craft shows. Like the hedgehog, I’ll be able to expand by shrinking first.

You can still find some of my work at Good Citizen in Olde Towne Clinton, so if you’ve enjoyed picking up birthday cards or pins from there don’t fret! You’ll be able to continue finding those items at Good Citizen.