Show Your Love

February quickly approaches and despite winter’s fierce cold, everyone’s feeling a little warmer on the inside thanks to love. Most of us no longer restrict Valentine’s Day to a celebration of romantic love, but instead make it a celebration of LOVE. Thanks to society’s embracing of the “Parks and Recreation” holiday for women’s friendships, Galentine’s Day, a portion of LOVE can be specifically celebrated along side the romantic love of Valentine’s Day. In a way it hearkens back to grade school days of giving ALL your classmates those little themed valentine cards. We got to show all of our friends and acquaintances our appreciation for them.

Ladies, celebrate your friendships. Male friends and partners are great, but they’ll never be able to commiserate about first day period cramps, bottomless stomach days, or the seemingly endless quest for great bras. Your women friends appreciate your small daily wins of getting to work looking professional, pretty, and being confident enough to take back the work conversation from the office interrupt-a-saurus. Friend-girl, you rock!

Happy Galentine’s Day!