Personality Through Style

You don’t need to be an archaeologist to appreciate how the things that we wear, use to decorate our house, and generally associate with help us convey our personality to others. Isn’t it funny how something designed and made by others can resonate so well with you? Then there are the items we accumulate to communicate to others like that book that always seems to be out on the coffee table when guests visit. Then there are items that truly make us feel connected to other people like a family heirloom.

Two items come to mind for myself: a unique side table that belonged to my maternal grandmother and a silver Celtic hound bracelet made by Michael Hayman a Louisiana craftsman. The table, part of my grandmother’s belongings as long as I can remember, helps me feel connected to her legacy and helps me remember a loving household in my past. The bracelet connects me to a skilled person and an old tradition of jewelry making that utilizes lost wax casting and Celtic motifs. It taps into my love of the long durĂ©e.

The way we craft our surroundings keeps us connected to others and our own history while also communicating parts of that history with those we meet. What items keep you feeling connected?