Herding Ideas and Planting Joy

A list of ideas, both for print subjects and for formats, how to present the images, sits before me. I’ve had a day with time to think and mentally play, both confined to a space with few distractions and enough energy to run laps feeds the creativity of the list.

After some hours, less caffeinated and far more distracted I find myself setting about the work of sorting ideas and working out logistics. Do I dive into a series or should I do a tet of the mechanics I want to add? Follow the dopamine as they say or methodically proceed in an orderly fashion? A bit of both will likely happen and that’s fine. So long as the making gets done and the joy is found along the way. After all, my main objective is to plant joy in the world. “Have fun” my grandmother always said. I will and I hope my creations help you have fun too.