A Garden of Inspiration

Flowers can really brighten the day. One of my favorite spots in the Jackson, MS metro is the Mississippi Museum of Art. The works displayed inside are amazing, and the garden outside is a relaxing delight. Various ornamental grasses, shrubs, trees, and blooming plants envelope you along paths with benches and water features. All of it inviting you to explore and then sit and stay a while. I hope all of you enjoy a similar garden from time to time.


I’ve enjoyed drawing and carving and printing blooms all over everything the past couple years. You can find prints of chrysanthemums, sun flowers, and coffee flowers in the shop. Each with its unique form and variety of color. Of course the other plants like ornamental grasses add an intriguing mix of texture and color to compliment the blossoms.



Spider Lilies currently dot yards here, adding a pop of color to the green grass and the first felled leaves of Fall. Perhaps I’ll soon add those to the print bouquet. What blossoms would you like to see added to the printed garden?