Everything Has a Place

I’m a HUGE fan of The Home Edit and definitely fulfilled my Millennial woman role of binging Bridgerton and then Get Organized earlier this month. Who else? Eh? I’m sure there’s a few of you reading this. The reason I’m such a fan of The Home Edit isn’t just the fabulous team and their personalities, though that is enjoyable, it is that their method is a system that generally fits any situation. I finally, in my late 30s, have a system that makes sense to me and that I can use everywhere in my home and studio.

As a kid I had a perpetually messy room because when I did clean I often forgot where I tucked things away. Keeping things out and in stacks made it easier for me to remember I had something and I knew where things were because I could see them or remember that I put X down before Y so it would be under Y. Yet I also hated the visual clutter and couldn’t find a way to reconcile my desire for clear and clean with easily finding things. As an adult I got a bit better and read several books on organizing, but their advice was rather specific and didn’t quite jive with my brain. I’d gained a reputation for being messy and thought that’s just who I was. Then, I saw Get Organized Season One. Y’all, I cried.

My closet, bathroom, and especially my studio are now far more useable than before. Not only useable but also pretty and therefore motivating. As I recently discovered with the help of Heidi my health coach, I am motivated by pretty. Cleaning/Organizing can be pretty and functional and there is a system that I now have to help me create those elements in any space.

What’s making you happy? What big “Aha!” moments profoundly impacted your life?