Playing with Color

All over social media posts lamenting the time change can be found from memes to our friends’ comments. Perhaps you’ve posted your own discontent or shared a meme about the lack of sun after 5pm. It seems every year that once we “Fall Back” the darkness of early evening suddenly feels like the deep velvet of late evening.

Despite the gloom we must find ways of making light.

To fend off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and generally brighten things up a bit I utilize a few tricks.
1. Sun Lamp
This simple device makes a big difference in my day, especially as we go into the heart of winter. I turn it on and journal next to it for 20 – 30 minutes in the winter mornings.

2. Forrest Walks
Really any walk outside helps. The crisp air, when possible, a bit of sunlight, and trees help lighten my mood. Studies have found that walking among trees helps the human brain feel happier and some have taken to adding some form of “forest bathing” to their routines.

3. Play with Color
Sometimes, especially after all the pretty colorful fall leaves have gone I need to add some color to my daily life. And sometimes the best way to achieve that is to break out the colored pencils, markers, paint pens, even the block inks!

How do you combat the gloom?