Stickers and Banners, oh my!

The party animals print series has been made into die cut style vinyl stickers! You can pick your favorite to adorn your laptop, pelican case, or journal in person at Good Citizen in Clinton, MS or by following this link: Stickers. 

Similar to enamel pins, I enjoy using stickers to show a bit of personality. I find myself using it similarly to washi tape in my planner and journals. Personal books I can make even more personal by including a custom sticker or a promotional sticker from an organization I support. In cafes I’ve noticed that laptops seem to have replaced car bumpers to display opinions, brand associations, and fandoms. Stickers are definitely not just for kids anymore.


Enjoy personalizing your home decor or want a fun way to entertain children and decorate for the party? Check out these banner kits: Cactus and Birthday.

Each kit comes with enough pieces and colorful twine to create a handsome 12 foot banner. All the pieces are based off of hand carved linoleum block prints, which lends the finished product a folk art feel.
Use colored pencils, markers, pastels, or perhaps even paint to add your own color scheme to the cupcakes, balloons, and cacti. Perhaps add some sprinkles or spines too!

Want More?

All of the stickers and banner kits are made in the studio, so if you want stickers of a different print or something completely custom, please contact me directly at to discuss details.