Happy New Year!

For most of us the beginning of the new year brings reflection on the outgoing year and hope for the new one. Hopefully you reflections contain happy memories of adventures and loved ones. Perhaps wonderful hosts and gift-givers filled your holiday season as well. Why not start the year with gratitude? Whether thanking someone for a thoughtful gift or a wonderful meal a handwritten thank-you note always delivers your gratitude right to their heart.

Particularly now that most of us read as much or more on our digital tablets as on paper a handwritten letter truly stands out as something special for the recipient. Don’t be daunted by writer’s block. A simple sentence stating your thankfulness for their kindness should get the ballpoint rolling.

Helping your kids create this generous habit? Make it a craft party! Help them make their own thank you cards as well as write the notes. Decorate blank card stock or take advantage of a DIY card kit like the cat themed kits in the shop.

What are you grateful for this January?